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B2B sun energy credits to move the World

Join the free sun energy movement is not a cryptocurrency but the first universal B2B contract platform for industries based on the forever wealth that provides free sun energy.

By now, membership is inquired via email through the Join button above or activated automatically for the customers of Planet Expert group of companies around Earth that sun harvest energy to above an equivalent of > 3 m3/hour of natural gas. Cleantech and CO2 Neutral.

Industries buy our sun energy credits directly or by way of energy savings and free power generation, along with a myriad of exclusive industrial processes sometimes optimised, sometimes reinvented thanks to our extreme free sun energy (up to 400ºC by solar, beyond 1000ºC by solar gas (syngas HCO-H2CO), unlimited KWe, unlimited seawater desalination and brackish distillation, wastes treatment & valorisation, etc).

The sun energy credits are used for B2B trade as well as to support innovation programs on energy, sustainability, environment, nutrition, life sciences, arts & crafts and community projects around the World.

Harness the sun

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